Use corporate welfare to build there companies

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6 billion But real people, not corporations, are made to feel like they are bums if they get food-stamps. Well my friends, it isn't.Let us talk a little bit about Welfare. You need to be apart of the political process. Corporate welfare for example, is why Exxon-Mobil, and IBM are sitting where they are today. Myself I Know You really didn't think it was because people buy their shit. You are merely a person, not an empire.k. But if you are a working person, making more than $300 a month, then you are fine and don't need any help.6 billion IBM: $4. The last I checked the people of America pay the taxes, and I don't see why any of the money generated should go to help companies that are earning profits. But that's just it. Well Exxon-Mobil made $40 billion in profits last year, but it's o. No, it's because they use corporate welfare to build there companies up and save millions, if not billions in tax break incentives. Not for the Citigroups and Exxon-Mobils of the America. Some Examples: General Electric: $9. Tell them what you think. Well it's not just for bums. Revolution begins with Dissent. Let them know you exist, and pay their wages. The things you want in life, the world you are apart of, needs you to be involved. You don't have a team of CPAs working for you, finding all these little known tax loops in the system to take advantage of. I believe real people need more help than our Corporate Empires. Money drives the world, but if the people of America wake-up and know that their numbers alone beat out any amount of money, then real change can Electric Scooters Supplier in China be imagined.5 billion in taxes from 2001-2003 Exxon Mobil: $4. They work for you. Do you realize that you are so far out of the loop from your representatives that the statement I just made seems completely impossible. Write your Representative . for them to get welfare.3 billion Citigroup: $4. Actually I don't see why any tax money should be use to do anything other than what is voted appropriate by the constituents of the district the money came from. If you are not and say "I can't change anything" or "I DON'T CARE" Yes my friend you do.

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